While I know everyone is DYING to know what’s trending this season, let me first start by explaining what a trend actually is and how it’s creating. Before the Internet got big, fashion forecasters would simply take trends off the runways that high-end brands would create and set an agenda for. After viewing these shows, the trend forecasters would then be able to decide which trends fit their target markets and which ones are going to have the biggest impact on sales. They would be able to predict these trends and send them to their clients who would most likely create their whole line around what’s popular this season based off what the trend forecaster predicts. However, everything has changed when it comes to predicting trends, and we have nothing but the Internet to thank for that. We now have the Internet to our disposal and can be influenced by bloggers, YouTubers, Instagramers and more powerful fashion icons. With that being said, trends can be forecasted based on lifestyle, health and even economic factors. In fact, trends can be forecasted across almost every situation in your life. That could mean being influenced by traveling, food, home décor, etc., in ways that you never thought would be possible.

Alright, so let’s get right into it. The TOP 6 trends and colors that you need to know about this year. Take notes- you don’t want to fall behind in these trends.

Our top two colors this season are, shockingly, PINK and RED!

Pink. While pink was known to represent a girly and feminine color, this year’s hue is supposed to be the opposite. Millennials are always longing for the recent past trends, hence the reappearance of pink. According to WWD, pink is supposed to bring back the memories of earlier, adolescent days in order to numb the harsh reality of what’s happening in our world today. While that seems a little dramatic, this is how trends are created. I am personally a fan of the settle pinks, reminding me of living out my younger days wearing nothing but pink (my mother dressed me when I was younger, she’s to blame). It’s refreshing and I haven’t seen it make an appearance in a while.

Next, red-to-toe. If there is one color that stands out more than the rest, it’s this one. Whether worn as a bold accessory or a statement piece, red just so happens to be known as the most flattering color on almost all skin tones. With that being said, many high-end brands such as Fendi, Max Mara and Givenchy have featured this color on the runway during NYFW. Personally, this loud color threw me off for a minute, especially with my skin tone and hair color. But I must say, it’s one of the strongest super-trends I’ve worn to this date.
falltrends- collage of red being worn at NYFW

Now for the fun part. What’s your favorite trend this fall? Listed below are a few of my favorites.

Graphic Tees. Say it loud and say it proud. Using clothing, obviously. Graphic tees are allowing millennials to use their clothing as a sense of expression. Especially with all the recent political views, many people are using their wardrobe as a notion for change. Looking at designer Jason Wu’s fashion week collection, he uses a lot of empowering logo tees including one that says “the future is female” used as street wear.

falltrends- THE FUTURE IS FEMALE graphic tee on runway model

Mad Hatters. One of my new favs, the baker-boy style hat! Not only because we don’t have to be self-conscious about bad hair days anymore, but also because I dig the mixtures of vintage 70’s and modern day baseball caps all in one. This trend can stick for a couple seasons as far as I’m concerned.

baker boy hat on runway model

Denim Dynamic. Understanding that denim will always be in style, our generation has truly taken the “denim on denim” style to the next level. We’ve quite literally mixed and matched every wash of denim- which use to be considered a huge no-no- and have worn them together from head to toe. Bringing out the full Americana in us, and this is a great way to show that denim is taking the center stage for another season.

Fall Florals. Also, referred to as “couch florals” when speaking about your great aunt’s old vintage couch designs that you will someday soon be wearing. These florals are being printed on everything from causal to formal and all the in between.

fall trends- collage of couch florals being worn at NYFW (1)


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