About the Blog: Welcome to SMILE IN STYLE where fun meets fashion! This blog represents my personal and professional interests along with the findings of all new things in the fashion and marketing industry. I talk about upcoming marketing and fashion trends, social media influencers, current fashion events (NYFW) and millennial marketing! I enjoy being a part of a forever changing generation and love researching/writing about it first-hand. Join me in this fab adventure and learn more about this diverse industry from a millennial’s viewpoint!


About Me: Hi- I’m Lexie Baughman. I’m a 22 year-old grad student at Kent State University getting my master’s in public relations. I received my undergrad degree in fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing in December 2016. This is where I received most of my fashion knowledge and marketing experience. My passion for fashion and marketing has only grown throughout the years. I could spend hours researching new trends, fabrics and accessories for upcoming seasons while also reading up on marketing and millennial shopping trends. During my undergrad, I took the opportunity to study in NYC for a semester while also getting an incredible internship. I landed one with a fashion PR firm called The Bromley Group, which was one of the best experiences of my life. Because of this internship, I got the chance to learn about marketing and public relations within the fashion industry, help to plan and attend press releases, fashion shows, NYFW and write pitches to clients. This internship heightened my love for the fashion and marketing industry, as well as secured my decision to obtain a master’s degree in public relations. All in all, I am excited to share my passion for fashion marketing and public relations with my blog viewers- and I hope you are too!